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BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL Webinar Series: Analyzing Business Strategy Post COVID-19

JAKARTA – BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL conducted a webinar series called “Building a Resilient Organization: Unfolding a Unified Post COVID-19 Strategy” to commemorate the anniversary of achievement from BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL in earning an international accreditation AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) on Wednesday-Friday, 25-27 November 2020.

“BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL has received AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation in 2019, but BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL has been striving for this since 2011. Therefore, we’ve organized this event to commemorate the anniversary of achievement in getting AACSB international accreditation,” said Dezie L. Warganegara as Director of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL.

This webinar series will present topics about business and management during the pandemic, expanding in three days that include two webinars each day, streaming live via Zoom and YouTube. The webinar series will also invite famous speakers and experts in their respective sectors.

“The Webinar series occur in three days. On the first day, we analyze from the business and organization aspects, on the second day we will analyze from the executive point of view, and on the third day we analyze through the eyes of business owners,” Dezie said. “I hope the explanations from the experts can be useful for all of us and also for BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, surely this event will give us some suggestions on how to prepare our future entrepreneurs or existing entrepreneurs to be better,” Dezie added.

The speakers at this event came from various backgrounds, there were Safiudin Alwi (Quantitative Director of Kadence International), Indra Utoyo (Director of Digital, Information Technology and Operations, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia), Danny Oei Wirianto (Chief Marketing Officer of GDP Venture), Aloysius Budi Santoso (Chief Corporate Human Capital Development of PT Astra International Tbk), Irwan Hidayat (Director of PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk.), and Ayu Dewi (public figure, owner of TWELVE Chinese Dining restaurant).

Additional speakers who were BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL students and alumni with vast experience joined the discussion, they were Nydia Orlatta (Founder and Creative Director of PT IOOR Studio Indonesia), Jerry S. Justianto (Managing Partner at Masima Radio Network), Danang Cahyono (Chief Operating Officer of Sirclo), Sandra Kosasih (Human Capital Managing Director of Sinar Mas Land), Pindi Kisata (CEO of PT Inmall Jaringan Indonesia), and Jibril Muhammad Irvan (founder of Golden Investor application).

Safiudin Alwi was the speaker in the first session on Wednesday, 25 November 2020. As the Quantitative Director at Kadence International, he has over ten years of experience in the research industry and lots of experience in various research methodologies. Apart from Safiudin Alwi, Nydia Orlatta also joined this session to explain how to get some competitive advantages in the market that can’t be predicted right now.

“Communication must be maintained, that means we have to be active or activate the brand through communication by considering key points such as vocal for local, looking for action, rising toward a digital future, and seeking value. We must keep continuing to understand the customer segment and behavior, which means that there will be some trends that exist temporarily, so we have to be more selective and continue targeting our insight,” he said.

Indra Utoyo, Director of Digital, Information Technology and Operations at PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, was the speaker in the second session. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung (1985), a Master’s Degree in Communication and Signal Processing at Imperial College-University of London, England (1994), and a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Management at Universitas Indonesia.

“We realize that the main key in digitalization is speed. Therefore, we must be proficient in building partnerships, external resources become crucial if combined, skills in building partnerships are important in this digital era so that we are able to get connected with a massive collaboration. Customer-centric mindset, open innovation ecosystem, data-driven organization, agile governance, as well as scalable, reliable, and secured technology, we must invest in these five components, make them the foundations, and we will see the outcomes,” said Indra Utoyo.

On the next day, Thursday, 26 November 2020, the event continued with Chief Marketing Officer of GDP Venture Danny Oei Wirianto as the next speaker. Aside from his current position, Danny is also an entrepreneur in the digital marketing and advertising industry. He was the founder of several companies such as, SemutApi Colony, MerahPutih Inc,,, and MediaXasia. He is the angel investor at Kaskus, Carousell, Eaze, High Times, 88Rising, and many more. Danny is also elected as one of the best mentors in Asia by Founder Institute where he shared his experience about Vision & Validation. Currently, he is the Head of Digital PPPI (Persatuan Perusahaan Periklanan Indonesia). Chief Operating Officer of Sirclo Danang Cahyono also joined this session to discuss Grow and Thrive with Start-up Companies.

Danny Oei Wirianto emphasizes the five things that encourage the effectiveness of an organization. which are connect marketing to their business strategy and organization in every aspect, engaging all levels with brand purpose, focus on few key priorities, organize agile, cross-functional teams, and build internal capabilities needed for success.

Aloysius Budi Santoso, the Chief Corporate Human Capital Development of PT Astra International Tbk., was the speaker in the second session of the second day. As a Chief Corporate Human Capital Development, he is responsible for all of the functions of the human resource division as well as the management system implementation in Grup Astra. He is also responsible as the leader of the roadmap initiative Astra, Commissioner of PT Sigap Prima Astrea, and Astra Pension Fund Supervisory Board. Sandra Kosasih, the Human Capital Managing Director of Sinar Mas Land, also took part in this session as a speaker. They discussed how to implement the best practices in the business organizations.

“We may have dreams and goals. We can make good strategies. But if they’re not well implemented, they will be useless. Therefore, organizational commitment is crucial. So initiative lead directly from CEO will motivate all of the management of subsidiaries, but remains intact in the good concerto, good deployment and alignment, and then in fostering and nurturing,” Aloysius Budi Santoso explained.

On the last day, Friday, 27 November 2020 2020, the first session was opened by Irwan Hidayat, the Director of PT Industri Jamu and Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk.,. Previously, he served in other positions such as the Commissioner of PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk (1972-2013), the Commissioner of PT Hotel Candi Baru (2013-Maret 2018), and the President Director of PT Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk. (2013-Mei 2016). Right now, he also responsible for multiple positions in several companies. Together with Pindi Kisata, the CEO of PT Inmall Jaringan Indonesia, Irwan Hidayat discussed how to maintain a family business along with its opportunities and challenges ahead.

“Although it’s not easy, convincing other people is the most important aspect in business, especially on how to push other people to follow our mindset. That’s why I construct the words life is convincing, followed by marketing is sharing. I also emphasize that sibling is the best partner, and the difficult one to be the best partner is also your sibling,” Irwan Hidayat said when explaining his experience.

The webinar series was closed by Ayu Dewi in the second session of the third day. Ayu Dewi is a TV host/presenter as well as an entrepreneur. She is the owner of TWELVE Chinese Dining Restaurant. Located at Menteng, Central Jakarta, TWELVE Chinese Dining Restaurant was founded in the mid of 2020. Ayu Dewi is a mother of 3 children and currently pursuing her postgraduate study at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL. Ayu Dewi, along with Jibril Muhammad Irvan, a student of BINUS @Bandung majoring in Creativepreneurship and the Founder of Golden Investor, discussed how startups can revive and successfully survive this pandemic period.

“This time we are facing a pandemic, but life must go on. We have to fight for ourselves. For all the efforts we have made, we must continue our efforts with precise calculation and a lot of efficiency calculation,” Ayu Dewi said.

The webinar series titled “Building a Resilient Organization: Unfolding a Unified Post COVID-19 Strategy” is a form of community development held by BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL to help society rise up after the COVID-19 pandemic. This aligns with the spirit of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, fostering and empowering the society to build the nation. Hopefully, the insights given by the speakers in this event will invoke inspiration from the audience and enable them to apply those bits of knowledge, creating an impact in their own community.