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Doctor of Research in Management Dissertation Defense by Muhammad Munir: WORK EFFICIENCY IN INDONESIA’S OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY

Indonesia is among the top producers and users of oil and gas. Unfortunately, the oil and gas production steadily decreases about 3%-5% per year. This has become the utmost problem since the usage or demand of oil and gas keeps rising, even reaching 8% increase per year. As non-renewable resources, the impending fear that oil and gas will eventually run out suddenly looms closer.

There is not much that can be done regarding the oil and gas production as these are considered natural resources. However, many companies that engage in the upstream oil and gas industry have begun to expect increased work efficiency from their workers. Not without reason, work efficiency is deemed as a crucial component for a company to be able to survive during an energy crisis and to emerge among the competitors.

The issue and importance of work efficiency, especially in Indonesia’s oil and gas industry is the main focus of Muhammad Munir during his doctoral study in BINUS University. On Tuesday (25/8), the Doctor of Research in Management (DRM) BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL held an open dissertation defense with Muhammad Munir as the promovendus.

Muhammad Munir, decorated career in Indonesian Army and corporations

Muhammad Munir was born on October 28, 1958, at Kendal, Central Java. He married Lia Sulviana and is a proud father of two children and grandfather of two grandchildren. In 1983, Muhammad Munir graduated from Indonesian National Armed Forces Academy and began his military career with an operation at Timor Timur.

Muhammad Munir has dedicated over 30 years of his life to the military, performing various tasks within the national borders and in foreign countries. From the United States to Japan, Muhammad Munir has been sent for duties and study programs. Muhammad Munir completed his undergraduate study in STIA LAN RI in 1995 and proceeded to take his Master’s degree at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL in 2015.

In 2004, Muhammad Munir became the aide to the president (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the time). Soon after, he gained the rank of Lieutenant General in 2015. During his military career, Muhammad Munir successfully worked as the Deputy Chief of Staff in the Indonesian Army (WAKASAD), the second highest role in the Indonesian Army.

Now retired, Muhammad Munir has experience as a Commissioner at PT Seafer. Currently, Muhammad Munir has the Chairman position of the Board of Strategic Analyst at BIN and works as a Commissioner of PT Indonesia Asahan Inalum MIND ID.

Work efficiency in Indonesia’s oil and gas industry

Muhammad Munir presented a dissertation titled “The Influence of Work Professionalism, Work Motivation, and Innovative Behavior on Work Efficiency Through Individual Dynamic Capabilities In Upstream Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia” during the defense joined by a team of promotors and the examination committee.

Muhammad Munir used a quantitative research method with a 21,399 population of upstream oil and gas workers in Indonesia. Muhammad Munir successfully gathered 441 respondents, in which he divided the data according to gender, age, and years of service. From this, he concluded that the male, 30-40 years old, and 5-10 years of service categories are the most efficient.

Based on his findings, Muhammad Munir argued that work professionalism and work motivation directly impact the individual dynamic capabilities, which also result in work efficiency. However, the hypothesis that innovative behavior can also influence work efficiency is rejected by the data.

At the end of his defense, Muhammad Munir invited Dr. Marcelino Pandin as an expert to give further explanation that related to Muhammad Munir’s research. Dr. Marcelino Pandin is an architect by training from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), he also received his Master’s degree in Cambridge University and his PhD at the Technology and Innovation Management Center of University of Queensland.

Dr. Pandin is the co-founding and first managing director of Indonesian Institute of Corporate Directorship which has been appointed as the Center of Excellence for corporate governance in South East Asia. Currently, he’s an active Commissioner of PT Telkom Indonesia and a lecturer for the PhD extension program Australia Awards Indonesia. Overseas, Dr. Pandin is a policy advisor of UCLG in Asia Pacific and a committee member of OECD Paris.