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BINUS International Business Society Presents a Talkshow About How to Stay Creative at Home

Being stuck at home these few past months has brought severe impacts on how society works. People are encouraged to stay at home, to do every activity from the comfort of their own houses for the sake of their safety. Fighting the unseen threat is no longer a duty for the government, we as a society must participate as well simply by following the safety protocol.

However, this is not a death sentence for creative artists. This kind of limitation should not be a barrier for those whose livelihood relies on creative arts, including you. On Monday (18/5), BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL – International Undergraduate Program held an event managed by the BINUS International Business Society with three well-known Indonesian public figures as main speakers in the online talk show titled “#BIBSTalk: Stay Creative When You Have to Stay at Home.”.

Boy William, Igor “Saykoji”, and Yosi Mokalu of Project Pop talked about their tricks and points of view on keeping the creative juices flowing smoothly in the midst of the pandemic era. The talk show was hosted by an International Business student of batch 2022, Princess Megonondo. With over 200 people joining the three main speakers and host, the talk show started with a brief speech from Marko S. Hermawan, the Head of International Business – BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL International Undergraduate Program.

Now is the Time to Explore

This pandemic is surely a strange event that has drastically changed how we do business. Although, the three main speakers have grown accustomed to the “work from home” situation, as they have realized that it is possible to still be productive at home in many ways. “That is a good thing actually if you are contributing and doing work, make yourself useful,” said Yosi.

Could this situation be seen as a burden? Absolutely not, since this pandemic is actually a challenge to transform ourselves. This is the time to be more creative and productive, both online and offline. Motivation is the key to staying creative. It is the right moment to learn a new skill and perfect your existing skills.

As we progress deeper into the quarantine state, we have come to the conclusion that technology is such a crucial tool for survival. Boy William stated that this pandemic is a slap in the face, reminding us that we as a society should have transitioned all of our business processes online. It is a step too late, but digitalization grows faster with this pandemic. From now on, people will get more used to doing activities more effectively.

Stay on Top of the Game

With the restriction to go outside and meet people, it is only natural to feel stuck in limbo. Many people feel that they are unable to be creative due to this situation, some even feel the dreadful “burnout.” As for Boy William, Igor “Saykoji”, and Yosi, they believe that there are ways to stay motivated and creative even when at home.

“Start from you, start from what you are interested in,” advised Yosi. He stated that it will be much easier if you start doing the activities that you have always been passionate about, ones that had crossed your mind before but never got the time to do it. Even a simple activity like gaming can be transformed into creative content.

“Only boring people get bored,” stated Igor “Saykoji” as he spoke about boredom and creativity. The truth is, according to him, creativity is not something that can be found instantly. Just like working out in order to get toned muscles, our brains need that “workout” to get creative. It requires discipline. He shared that during his spare time, he still works in his studio for hours, trying to ignite creativity and write more songs. You owe it to yourself to use your time diligently for something more useful, like learning something new.

“Just start, just do it, don’t be afraid,” Boy William urged people to sweep away their fear of failure. The most successful people have failed before, time, and time again. Nobody is perfect, failure is a part of the life cycle, one you must endure before reaching success.

The After Effects of Pandemic

For the three main speakers, they feel that the effects of the pandemic have started creeping in, especially in the business aspect. Doing online business seems like it will be the top priority for business people in the future, which can be seen now as more UKM in Indonesia are trying to survive by opening up online shops. Yosi agreed that technology will become more apparent in our daily routines. The positive outcome is people will be more accustomed to utilizing the internet, especially those who live in rural areas.

Boy William stated that the pandemic will create a trust issue between human interactions. People will have that alarming cautiousness while doing their businesses, always in preparation just in case something like this ever happens again.

Not to mention the entertainment industry, where many artists suffered a huge loss as they are no longer able to perform at gigs, concerts, and big stage productions. However, Igor “Saykoji” believes that the industry will transform too into doing online shows instead of live shows. For example, the online rap battle shows that he is currently hosting via Zoom.