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Online Guest Lecture by Wing Antariksa: Strategic Human Recruitment Roles for Talent & Succession in Management

In March 2020, BINUS held its online-based guest lecture for students of Master of Management (MM) in the Business Management – Blended Learning program, entitled Strategic Human Recruitment Roles for Talent and Succession in Management by Wing Antariksa. Wing Antariksa himself graduated from BINUS Business School-Master Program and currently works as Director of Human Resources & Information Technology in PT. Perkebunan Nusantara (Indonesian’s National Plantation Company). Wing Antariksa talked about the shifting in the world of work, the effectiveness of future leadership roles as well as its impact on the world of human recruitment.

The World of Work is changing

Based on a recent study by Korn Ferry, in the next 10 years, there will be a shift in the world of work. By 2029, it is predicted that robots will reach a similar intelligence level to humans, which of course would affect a lot of companies all around the world. For example, in PTPN where Wing Antariksa works, there are 120.000 workers and 100.000 of them are elementary and junior high-graduated. This means, in the near future, the process of harvesting will be shifted into robotic and technology and no one knows what would happen to these workers later on.

Companies and Leadership

Regarding the shifting of the world of work, companies are competing against each other to apply digital affirmation towards their systems so that they can reduce the production cost as well as the business process by doing so. However, 84% of those who applied digital affirmation towards their system are unsuccessful due to the lack of highly skilled workers and the capabilities of the leaders to carry out their digital ambitions.

Based on a recent study in the Asian Pacific region, there are currently 1.3 million workers deficit in Indonesia in 2020. Therefore, future-ready leadership is urgently needed in order to fulfill these gaps. Also, self-disruptive leaders will result in a high performance, and the transformation is needed to build strong leadership that would benefit the company in the next three years. There are also some challenges awaiting in the future, such as disruption in economics.

Leadership and the Development of Human Recruitment

Therefore, what is actually needed in a leader? Well, to sum it up, a self-disruptive leader is critically needed. A leader should not be judged based on their past experience only, but also by the way they solve problems as well as how they manage to be a good, believable partner to perform drastic improvement for the company to succeed. Human Recruitment actually has an important part here since it has been developed from simply doing administrative tasks into building a strategic partnership that would be beneficial to the company.

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