BINUS Business School

New Students of Doctor of Research in Management (DRM) 2020 Online Inauguration

As the economy here in Indonesia keeps on growing, which is accompanied by the free market, the more competitive the industry will get, especially for Indonesian citizens. Having a Doctorate Degree is one of the big steps to keep improving one’s potential and proving one’s skills or competences. It is certainly not easy to keep moving forward and become a high-quality doctoral graduate program. It will require an extraordinary determination as well as remarkable ability.

The BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL welcomed 8 new students from the Doctor of Research in Management (DRM) through its online inauguration event held via video conference on Thursday (2 April). The inauguration event, which is routinely held on the 8th floor in the hall of the Anggrek Campus, was finally shifted to an online inauguration, part of the actual contributions from BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL in supporting and helping the government to reduce the number of COVID-19 outbreaks.

The full activities of the online inauguration served as a general briefing for the new students about how the lectures in the doctoral program would be held. In addition to that, the online inauguration was also expected to be a motivation booster for the new students to finish their doctoral studies as optimally as possible. Through the greetings, directions, program elaborations, alumni sharing, as well as question and answer sessions, the DRM students now know and understand the depths of the academic processes that they will be taking for years to come.

The inauguration was opened by Dr. Asnan Furinto as a senior faculty member of BINUS University. Then, the event was followed by greetings by Dezie Leonarda Warganegara, Ph.D., as the Director of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL. In this session, Dezie revealed the number of new students accepted in this academic year, namely 8 executives who are currently working in the BUMN sector, ministries, multinational companies, and national companies. Dezie also explained that the eight students would start their lectures on Saturday (4 April) and the program would last from 3 years to 5 years maximum.

Afterward, the inauguration was continued by greetings from BINUS University’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, M.M. He encouraged and embedded important messages for all the new students of DRM. “We want our BINUS Doctoral Degree graduates to live with high morals, provide benefits to Indonesia, and be truly accepted by the community,” said Harjanto Prabowo, while explaining the abilities, skills, and behaviors, which are the three main foundations that need to be possessed and upheld by BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL DRM students.

Next, after an explanation of the study program by Dr. Sri Bramantoro Abdinagoro, it was followed by a question and answer session. From this session, Bram explained that students will learn more theories in class during the first two semesters. In the second year, DRM students will be faced with the four stages of research and presentation, starting from proposals, work seminars, closed examinations, and open examinations.

After knowing more about the DRM Study Program, the online inauguration then continued with an alumnus sharing session by Dr. Jimmy Lizardo, S.T., M.M., the 74th Doctorate Degree holder who graduated from BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, with a Doctor of Research in Management. From his session titled “Doctoral is an Amazing Journey,” Jimmy told them about his experiences while studying at the DRM BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL.

Jimmy advised the students to support and motivate each other to graduate on time. There were three things considered important to be done by Jimmy in order to get the best experiences in the DRM Study Program in 3 years, namely having routine discussions with academic advisors, contributing to an international journal as a part of the graduation requirements, and lastly being willing to sacrifice more time, energy, and feelings.

After the alumnus sharing session, a socialization activity from the BINUS University Library and Knowledge Center was conducted by Meiliana, S.Kom., M.Sc. During their studies, students are free to access various books, magazines, and scientific journals through the library services at BINUS University. Next, the socialization by the BINUS University IT team was delivered by Mr. Ibnu Sina, S.Kom., M.M.S.I., who explained more about how to access free Wi-Fi in the BINUS University campus area.

Before ending the online inauguration for the new students of DRM, Anthonius D.P. Lega, S.Kom. delivered socialization regarding the general procedures, lectures, examinations, and grades from the DRM Study Program.