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Get Well Soon, Earth. ‘Let’s Help Recover the Earth’ Starts from Us! #SocialDistancingMovement

The outbreak of the coronavirus issue or called Covid-19 makes the Earth grieve. Covid-19 is a type of virus that attacks the respiratory system and Covid-19 is able to make its sufferers experience respiratory distress, acute pneumonia, and death. There are more than 100 countries where people are infected with this virus, and Indonesia is one of them. However, unfortunately, there is still no vaccine for this virus, so all people of the world must be vigilant and careful not to get infected because prevention is better than a cure.

One of the ways to prevent the transmission of this virus is to do social distancing. What is social distancing? What are the things to do when doing this action? And how effective is this movement?

As we know, until now the cause of Covid-19 has not been found, but it can be known that this virus is spread by animals and can spread to other creatures, especially humans. This virus can spread quickly through the sufferer’s saliva, which is why a social distancing movement must be carried out. Social distancing is a movement made by minimizing contact with others and keeping a distance from each other. The effectiveness of this movement has been proven through studies on the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, which stated that the movement was successful. Here are the things that must be done when doing social distancing:

Act like you are someone who is infected

Indeed, if imagined, this would be frightening, but there are times when we must feel that we are being infected, so there is awareness within us to keep our distance from others so that those around us are not infected as well.


Stay at home if there is no urgent need

Awareness should always start from us. When we are so scared that something will happen to us, then we must be on guard. By reducing activities outside of our homes and staying indoors, it can minimize the possibility of transmission of this virus. We can do productive activities in our homes, such as exercising, reading books, doing chores, and cleaning the house.


Avoid being in a crowd

We don’t know who is infected when we are in a crowd, because those who are infected may not show any signs that they are infected. They do not even know if they are infected, but they can transmit it to us. That’s why we must avoid crowds, such as attending concerts, going to tourist attractions, and visiting shopping centers. The reason is that it could also be us who are infected. Who knows?


Keep your distance from the people around you

We must keep our distance from other people and not make any physical contact such as shaking hands, hugging, or holding hands. This is important because we don’t know who they interacted with before. That’s why we have to keep a distance of at least 0.5 meters to 2 meters, so there is no physical contact. Also, avoid being around people who are sneezing or coughing.


Don’t touch public facilities 

We don’t know who is holding or using public facilities. Imagine if the saliva of a sick person is on the banisters, door handles, train handles, elevator buttons, and other public facilities. That’s why we have to avoid contact with facilities and other objects and keep ourselves clean, by not touching our faces or eating before cleaning our hands with soap or hand sanitizers, because viruses that we can’t see can move quickly to our hands and enter our respiratory tracts.


Postpone your trip

When at the airport or on a trip, we will meet many people, and we don’t know who is sick and who is healthy. We should stay where we live now, to avoid the possibility of being infected with viruses or bacteria that roam around us. When everything is conducive, then we can go somewhere or return to our hometowns.


So, those are the things that must be done when social distancing. The storm will definitely pass. What is happening will definitely end, but everything will require a process, whether it takes a long time or can also be accompanied by a difficult journey. However, something that has a beginning will definitely have an end. Now, all we have to do is be patient and follow the process, because everything will be beautiful in time! So don’t forget to obey the rules so you won’t be one of them, hashtag, social distancing movement.