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Anti-Lazy Club: 6 Ways to Stay Productive When Working at Home

COVID-19, which has begun to spread in Indonesian society, made President Joko Widodo appeal to the Indonesian people to work at home. According to Jokowi at a press conference held on March 15, he hoped that the community would remain productive and calm by working at home. Because according to him, COVID-19 can still be inhibited and stopped if we reduce activities outside our homes.

However, the thought of working at home might feel so boring or there might be someone looking for opportunities to be lazy. In fact, we can be more productive by working at home, such as by doing the following things to be more enthusiastic and productive:

Wake up early, rise and shine.

Not only for work, there are many benefits of waking up early. Waking up early can make us more productive, help us to concentrate more easily, and give us lots of free time. Besides that, waking up early is also good for skin health, for your information.

Make your to-do list for today.

Making plans before starting the day will help us work more structured, such as setting the time to work, when to have lunch, and when to rest, so that work is not cluttered, and our work is finished on time with maximum and good results.

Don’t forget to take a shower first!

Even if we are in our home, we must keep it clean. Like going to work, we have to start the day by taking a shower! Because we can be more refreshed and conscious after taking a shower, we will also be more productive and protected from viruses or bacteria when we clean ourselves, because being clean is healthy!

Tidy up your home so it will feel comfortable. Home sweet home!

The atmosphere at work will affect the quality of our work. That’s why we have to arrange our workplaces at home to be comfortable for work and also conducive, so we won’t be disturbed when working in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere!

Get inspiration, don’t forget to take a well-deserved break!

Sometimes when working, there will be an atmosphere that makes us bored or not in the mood to do our work. By looking for inspiration out of our home, like sitting on the porch while listening to music, watering plants in the backyard, or playing with pets, it may help us get inspiration and a good mood again at work!

Keep in touch with your coworkers.

Although we are working at home, it doesn’t mean we have to be anti-social or work individually. We must continue to communicate with our colleagues so our work is lighter and there are no disputes at work due to a lack of communication.