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5 Things You Must Do When Doing Social Distancing at the Office

Social distancing is very important to do related to the viruses that are currently spreading around us. But our jobs force us to stay out of our homes and carry out activities as we should. In fact, when we are in an office environment, viruses and bacteria can be transmitted more quickly because the patterns of interactions between coworkers and clients are wider. We don’t know who our coworkers interacted with before, so social distancing is very important in the work environment to be protected from scattered diseases. However, we must not be too excessive in responding to this issue so that we do not lose comfort and productivity at work. We can work comfortably and productively even though we are doing social distancing, by following these steps:

Before going to the office, check information from the government.

In every region, there will certainly be an appeal about what’s happening in that area, which places shouldn’t be passed, and what things shouldn’t be done. That’s why we must follow information from the government so we can save ourselves more optimally and be protected.

Check your body temperature before entering the office.

Checking our body temperature when entering the office is important because we will know who is not feeling well, so we can ask them to rest at home or check their health at the hospital. Because when not feeling well, productivity will decrease and also can cause illnesses to other colleagues.

Keep your workplace clean.

Nowadays, cleanliness is the most important thing, because viruses and bacteria can be everywhere, including the workplace. That is why we must keep the workplace clean by cleaning our own desks or not leaving office facilities carelessly.

Encourage all colleagues to maintain the cleanliness of the office.

In addition to cleanliness from ourselves, we must also pay attention to the cleanliness of our colleagues, by encouraging them to wash their hands regularly, keeping a distance so as not to touch each other, and take care of their health.

Don’t cluster, avoid physical contact, and keep your distance.

Not only in the outside environment, but we also have to keep a distance in the work environment. By not making physical contact with each other, such as shaking hands, or making high fives and keeping a distance from each other, it will reduce the possibility of spreading disease.

When working in an office, we must feel comfortable and safe. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, but prevention is better than a cure. It’s not something that’s exaggerated, but keeping it from being infected is important because if it happens, everything will be chaotic and have a bad impact, not only on ourselves but also on the people around us who interact with us. So, from now on let’s take care of cleanliness and let’s start caring about the environment. Viruses and bacteria can be anywhere, including on your hands or right outside your mask. Please be careful, because your family is waiting at home with all their hearts.