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What Makes Content Go Viral

In this digital technology era, content is the main weapon in promoting and marketing. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that all content created can become viral. This has become a challenge in the world of digital marketing.

Based on this problem, Natalia Sonata from BINUS Business School shared tips and tricks on how to make viral content for marketers, in particular in the Jakarta Marketing Week 2019.

Importance of Playing the Psychology of the Audience

Psychology in the realm of marketing is inseparable, especially for creating viral content. It is because if a marketer can read someone’s psychological condition, it will be easier to determine viral content later.

Generally, there are two types of people in relation to psychology and viral content. First, the human brain wants to find the most recent information. It means if there is something really fresh and has never existed before. Second, humans basically are always obsessed with finding information. Although the information is not brand-new, it makes the audience interested. This is what makes the audience linger when opening content on social media, especially from content in the form of photos and videos or stories, to other content in the form of writing on a blog.

Social Currency Needs to be Considered

After understanding the psychological condition and how the brains of the audience work, the next step that must be considered in viral content is social currency. Basically, social currency is a condition where someone wants to share valuable and useful content to others. Besides that, social currency aims to connect other people to the topic discussed.

Viral Content

According to the points above, there are at least a few things that make content viral. Natalia Sonata also distinguished it into several types of content. It ranges from content including product reviews to stories or controversial issues in the community.

  • Product Reviews

The first step is to create content that carries product reviews and unboxing because the audience acts as a consumer who simply wants the best product before they buy it. So, one way to anticipate buying an unsuitable product is by looking at the content regarding product reviews.

  • Tips and Tricks (Practical Value)

Content that has practical value will become viral. Content like this will provide more interactions with the audience. They will like the content by pressing the ‘like’ button, giving comments, and sharing the content. So, besides increasing the audience’s engagement, this kind of content also provides more value, namely the presence of intensive interactions.

  • Fun

In addition to tips and tricks or content that has practical value, funny content must also be taken into account as marketers. Not everyone likes heavy content. This is because heavy content is boring sometimes. Therefore, people will rarely or even do not watch the content until the end. So, funny content can be used as an alternative to increase engagement.

  • Based on Experience

There are several reasons that make someone respond to content so that it becomes viral. One of them is if the content relates to the consumer’s experience. According to Natalia Sonata, the content that is “so me” is a special attraction for anyone who sees it. Not only viewing content, it also encourages users to share content. So, the potential for viral content becomes high and can increase the product or brand engagement promoted.

  • Quiz

Content in the form of a quiz is now also an alternative option used by marketers in promoting a product. In particular, if there is a new product, indeed, this new product will attract the consumers’ interest. In having a quiz, several ways should be done, such as using a giveaway and other promos.

  • Controversial Story

In addition to the things above, Natalia Sonata also stated that in order to make content in business become viral, one can take advantage of the issues that are currently being discussed by the public such as a celebrity’s controversy and other things that are escalating. For instance, Natalia gave an example with the story of Syahrini and Reino Barrack who had prospered. Then, it became a trigger for e-commerce companies to create content by ‘utilizing’ the moment. As a result, it succeeded in making the product content become viral.