BINUS Business School

[GALLERY] BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL Social Innovation Camp at Precious One

The Master Program of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL and Teach for Indonesia held the Social Innovation Camp at Precious One, a part of Karya Insan Sejahtera Foundation that focuses on empowering the disabled so they can unlock their true potential, on Saturday, 14 December 2019.

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL has committed to give the best to the students and society, while strengthening its competitive advantage among other business schools. A successful future business leader is one who is not only capable of leading others, but also a person who is able to empathize and to understand the need of their users and stakeholders, uncover the unstated needs, and offer solutions for the users and stakeholders. A capability to empathize and to understand others is an important starting point to develop innovative solutions and to strengthen one’s leadership role. An invention without human-centered design is useless; and therefore, an innovation solution should always incorporate user-centeredness in every facet of it. To this end, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL continues to nurture students’ empathetic and human-centered innovation capabilities from the beginning of their journey with the school.

The Social Innovation Camp aims to ensure that the students can cognitively embrace the skills related to empathy by asking them to meet with people in their surroundings. This kind of real-life activity will help the students to understand the complexities and the issues beyond the classrooms. This, in fact, is very important for them before they are studying theories and concepts, as well as case studies, in BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL classes.

To do this, we get help from our NGO and Social Enterprises partners to enrich the students with complex problems that they need to identify while, at the same time, these NGOs and Social Enterprises also need help in tackling some of their problems and they can take advantage of our students’ exercises during this event.