BINUS Business School

Facing Global Competition, BINUS Business School Prepares for AACSB International Accreditation

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International is a global organization that provides accreditation to schools of business. Since it was established in 1916, AACSB has had over 1,700 business schools around the world. However, there are only 856 business schools that have been accredited.

To prepare the quality of Indonesian education in facing global competition, BINUS Business School is also preparing to obtain AACSB accreditation. This world-class prestigious accreditation is one of the benchmarks of the quality of education in a business school. Today, BINUS Business School is one of the universities in Indonesia entering the final stage of the AACSB accreditation process.

The importance of AACSB accreditation

Not only does AACSB accreditation play a significant role in improving the quality of education in general, it’s also important in helping to shape good-quality teachers and creating a teaching and learning process that is in line with the mission of BINUS Business School, which is to create professional human resources that can answer to business and societal challenges in the future.

Furthermore, students graduating from an AACSB accredited business school will also be able to build new business landscapes in various fields, be it in a government sector, or in health, retail, or even large scale private companies. With AACSB accreditation, BINUS Business School is expected to produce high-quality graduates with international standards who are ready to compete globally. Our learning program will help you prepare to achieve success in the future.

AACSB accreditation process

BINUS Business School has been a member of AACSB since 2011 and received its eligibility status in June 2014. These are two mandatory requirements that need to be complied with to follow the AACSB accreditation process. The next step is the assignment of an AACSB mentor to prepare the Initial Self-Evaluation Report (iSERl. In November 2017, iSER of BBS finally received an official approval.

iSER is a self-evaluation document about how BINUS Business School is aligned with fifteen AACSB business accreditation standards and strategic plans from the BINUS Business School to close the gaps.

Until today, the AACSB accreditation process of BINUS Business School is still ongoing. The Peer Review Team has been assigned by AACSB and the chair of the Peer Review Team , Prof. Frank, Bostyn from United Arab Emirates University has visited BINUS Business School on April 4th-5th, 2019, to help write the final self-evaluation report that was submitted in May 2019.The Peer Review Team visit is planned to take place on 7 – 9 October 2019. From this visit, the ratification of the accreditation results will be carried out by the Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) from AACSB.

Business schools in Southeast Asia with AACSB

Obtaining AACSB accreditation is not an easy task. Not only do business schools have to go through a long process to meet fifteen AACSB business accreditation standards, but they also need to ensure the alignment between existing strategic decisions and the mission of the organization.

In Southeast Asia, there are only sixteen business schools that have obtained recognition for their quality of education from AACSB (July 2019). They are from Thailand (five business schools), Malaysia (six business schools), Singapore (three business schools), the Philippines (one business school), and Indonesia (one business school).

BINUS Business School seeks to continue to innovate in improving the quality of business education, so that we will be able to create graduates who are ready to compete both domestically and internationally.