BINUS Business School

Up for the Planet

BINUS is partner with Up for the Planet,, launched by the Global Positive Forum and Positive Planet, an unparalleled worldwide discussion between youth on the world’s most pressing challenges.

The organization for future generations intends to gather, through a global discussion, everyone’s ideas and contributions to create a positive world.

The objective:

To make the G20 leaders accept a plan of 20 proposals, to defend the fate of future generations. 

An unprecedented method

This global citizen discussion will generate ideas through online deliberation, accompanied by 3 groups of experts.

20 proposals will be retained and published in a written report online.

They can be supported by any citizen across the world. They will also be presented to the President of the French Republic, then brought to the leaders of the G20, and presented at the 2nd Global Positive Forum.

 3 big topics for a positive world

The discussion is divided into 3 major themes, around which everyone can formulate their proposals:

  • To preserve the environment
  • To improve the living conditions for all
  • To put economy at the service of future generations

All aspects of our society are thus covered and every citizen can express their expectations.

 How to act?

Visit until the end of January 2018 in order to propose your ideas, discuss, vote and contribute to the unique global citizens’ discussion.

Act for future generations! You have the power!