BINUS Business School

BINA NUSANTARA Wins Employers of Choice Award 2017

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 – BINA NUSANTARA proudly calls itself as an ideal place of work. This year the BINA NUSANTARA Group was ranked 5th out of the 28 companies that were surveyed for the annual Employers of Choice Award   given by SWA Magazine. The purpose of the award is to recognize employee choice companies and highlight the key factors that make employees commit to a company.

As an educational institution, BINA NUSANTARA strives to create a conducive work environment. In its effort to acknowledge the importance of its human resource, BINA NUSANTARA regularly rewards its faculty members, staff, and outsourced employees. Every year BINA NUSANTARA performs an assessment to search for the best performing employees who are given the Best Employee Award and BINUS Star of Excellence award.

According to Mr. Stephen Wahyudi Santoso, Chief Operating Officer of the BINA NUSANTARA Group, BINA NUSANTARA focuses on managing people (Faculty and Employees). He explained that there are six strategies used in doing so:  Clear and Promising Direction, Confidence in the Leader, Quality and Customer Focus, Respect and Recognition, Development Opportunities, and Pay and Benefits. He stressed, however, that the most important element of managing people is open communication. Two-way communication allows each one to give and receive input. “We appreciate everyone worthy of respect, based on their meritorious contributions to the institution” he said.

To manage millennial employees, BINA NUSANTARA has developed policies that suit their aspirations. For example, a technical policy on flexible work is now in place for BINUSIAN (a large cohort of employees of BINA NUSANTARA) to work anywhere at any time. This resulted in a low employee turnover rate of 10%, with an average working period of eight years.

“We implement these people management innovations in our company. We also see things from different angles to determine more comprehensive policies and strategies for employee development and engagement in the future,” Stephen explained.

As an educational community of more than 130.000 BINUSIANS, BINA NUSANTARA continues to heighten its contributions to building and serving Indonesia through the provision of quality education programs. In doing so, BINA NUSANTARA endeavors to achieve the BINUS 20/20 vision of becoming a “world class knowledge institution in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise” as guided by its corporate values that are captured in SPIRIT (Striving for Excellence, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Teamwork).