BINUS Business School


Mulia Tower – Nine second-year students of Business Management of Binus Business School (BBS) presented their research about Hutchison 3 Indonesia (H3I) in front of the CEO of H3I, Randeep Sekhon, and several other executives. This presentation is the final stage of the Consulting Project between BBS and H3I which began two and a half month ago. Randeep Sekhon was deeply satisfied with the performance of BBS students during this project. He plans to continue their collaboration with another batch of students.

“The result of the research is beyond my expectation. It’s a great opportunity for us to earn positive feedbacks. We are satisfied with the students who are very professional,” said Randeep during the closing speech on Friday (5/27) at H3I Office, 10th floor of Mulia Tower. Randeep said that his company plans to continue this consulting project with the next batch of students to implement the result and suggestion from the current group.

The Head of Graduate Program-Business Management BBS, Pantri Heriyati, said that as a lecturer, she is proud with the work of the students involved in this project. “They can get satisfying result by going through a difficult process. They had to manage their time, between finishing this project, writing their thesis, and working,” she said. Pantri also reveals that the CEO H3I is satisfied with her students’ work, which is a great acknowledgement from the industry of the quality of BBS students. “With this statement, the lecturers and officials from MM BM program at BBS feel that we have taught them well during the first three semesters. Especially because H3I plans to continue this project with another batch to implement the result,” said Pantri.

One of the students involved in this project, Ferdy Yanaputra, said that this project is an opportunity for him to actualize what he has learned since the first semester, from class with his lecturers or during CEO Talks events. “The hardest challenge was dividing time between work, class, and thesis. Besides, we still have classes to attend. Obtaining data from H3I was also a problem for us,” said Ferdy. He advices the Board of BBS that this consulting project should not be scheduled together with thesis, because both tasks are equally difficult.

During presentation session, BBS was represented by three teams of students. Each team works on different topic, which are digital product (e-money), customer operation, and international roaming. The students presented their analysis and recommendation to improve H3I in the future. This consulting project was first started several years ago and H3I is the thirteenth client. Satisfied with the result, the company plans to continue this collaboration during the next project, which will begin on September 2016.