BINUS Business School


Mulia Tower – BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS) establishes cooperation with Hutchison 3 Indonesia, a telecommunications provider, in order to stay relevant to the industry. This cooperation is manifested in a research project to be carried out by BBS students for approximately two and a half months into some of Hutchison 3 Indonesia’s work areas. Results of the study is expected to contribute to improvement in of Hutchison 3 Indonesia’s business performance over the coming years.

“This cooperation is based on a shared vision wherein Hutchison 3 Indonesia is open to the current industry progress through an involvement of BBS students who are considered up to date with the latest development. While for Binus, the partnership is an effort to stay relevant to industry requirements. I hope, our students take a view relevant to the industry and what they learnt in the classroom can be applied in the professional world,” explained Firdaus Alamsjah, BBS Executive Dean on on occasion of the kick-off ceremony for BBS-Hutchison 3 Indonesia cooperation in Mulia Tower, Thursday (10/3).

In accordance with Firdaus Alamsjah, Hutchison 3 Indonesia CEO Randeep Sekhon said, “I hope, they (students) can learn and contribute to our growth and they can return to the industry having capabilities they have expected. I expect them to have open mind and competences for projects they work on. They can also learn how to give ideas of how we can perform better.”

This cooperation is part of Management Consulting Field Project course on BBS Business Management Programme. There are 12 students BBS who will form 3 groups to carry out research in 3 areas, namely customer operations, digital services, and international roaming. In customer operations area, the research will focus on how to modernize or digitize existing channels so that it works more effectively, deep knowledge about customers, including customers’ expectations of company. In digital services area, 2 options for research topic are offeres, they are internet banking and e-money. The area will focus on research into target consumer behavior so that Hutchison 3 Indonesia can adjust its strategy. In international roaming area, the research will focus on how to win the competition in international roaming facility for customers. In more detail, a specific segment targeted by Hutchison 3, the most important factor for customers in terms of international roaming, and its landscape competition will be redefined.

In the future, according to Firdaus Alamsjah, BBS is interested in carrying on thorough business case studies on Hutchison 3 Indonesia, considering that Hutchison is Indonesia’s second largest provider of internet data connection.