BINUS Business School


BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS) held another CEO Speaks on Leadership on September 23 presented by Gunawan Susanto, Chief Excutive Officer (CEO) of IBM Indonesia at the Joseph Wibowo Center (JWC). Gunawan Susanto is also well-known as a current and youngest ever president director of IBM Indonesia. He shared his success stories and tips for leading a company to the audience. Around 200 people were in attendance, a mixture of students and members of the public.

For Gunawan, people in the company were the key of success. He believes that business performance dependes on people who implemented the strategy. During his session, Gunawan always reminds audience to recognize the important of the people on company strategy. Beside that, Gunawan encourages to all the future leaders to be brave on taking decision and always be positive as a leader to build a great atmosphere to the team.

“The good strategy without people who execute properly is nothing,” Gunawan said.

Here are the Gunawan’s keys to successfully implementing his leadership in company:

Growth Innovation Leadership People Culture &Change Execution
Big GambleChange to be better.

Look around us

Help those around to  be their partner.

Transform business  Integrate capabilities,  services, and  technologies.

Focus and SME,  support startup &  newbusiness

The backbone of  economy in  Indonesia.

Take proactive role  as preferred partner  Serve government  for a better  Indonesia.

Introduce Watson  New Artificial  Intelligence.•

Invest in Healthcare  Invest in value not  commodity.

Partnership with  weather company  New way to Sense  Outsight in, Insight  out.

IBM-­‐TwiQer  Turning tweets into  better business  decision.

Move to cloud  From hardware to  software.

Youngest CEO of IBM  14 years of  experience in IBM.•

Connect with  employees

Way to connect build  the perception.

Show your best  Show only your best  side not fear or  frustration.


Show and spread it.

Self motivate  Need to be able to  self motivate.

Do the right thing

Have to win.

Young employees  45-­‐60% below 35yrs  old.•

IBM Connection  Connect employees  top down,  worldwide.

System to check on  employees  Understand  engagement, mood,  etc.

Demography  changes

Need talents to step  up.

Trigger team to think  differently

Think differently to  innovate (might take  time).

Nothing immune  Have to evolve to  survive.•

Globally integrated  organization units  Standard services yet  efficient.

Company need to  engagemore

To retain employees.

Changes in Logo  Very rigid policy but  changed!

Sense of purpose  Give employees  purpose to achieve  something.

Structure flexibility  Independent locally  managed company.

People for execution  Translate strategy to  performance.

Solidarity &  Teamwork

Even good team can  beat the best team.

Know your baQle  Fight direct and  fierce when needed.

Be brave

Do it and learn,  admit if wrong.