BINUS Business School


BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL held another CEO Speaks on Leadership on March 31 presented by Anthony Cottan, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Starbucks Indonesia at the Joseph Wibowo Center (JWC).

Cottan told how his leadership made Starbucks Indonesia the market leader of one of the widest networks of businesses with 200 outlets all over Indonesia. Cottan also said his style of leadership held the tenets of love and humanity at its core. Through his presentation titled ‘Love and Humanity at Work’, Cottan advised the participants to always be fair and loving “like your own family”, when leading a team.

“I love Starbucks as a company as much as I love my own family,” Cottan said, repeating the words of Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks.

For Cottan, working partners were the key of success; that is why he considered all of the employees in his team as his working partners. Not only the working partners in the company, but external business partners were also influential in the journey of Starbucks’ business in Indonesia. Cottan believes that to expand business he needed business partners who knew the respective areas well.

The Executive Dean of Binus Business School, Firdaus A. Alamsjah, Ph.D. really appreciated the presence of Cottan in CEO Speaks. “I hope the participants could get useful knowledge to be applied in their work,” said Firdaus. (RAW)