BINUS Business School


BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL held a ‘CMO Chat’ on April 9 with the theme ‘Customer Insight into Action’. Yunawati Gandasasmita, the Head of Innovation and Development Centre of Kalbe Nutritionals was the speaker.

In this knowledge-sharing event, Yunawati told about her experiences in manufacturing and developing the products in Kalbe Nutritionals, a nutritional product manufacturer.

So how do we meet the needs of future customers in a product? It needs a precise strategy to be applied in a company. That strategy must be based on good preparation, starting from research, analysis, and through to product execution, explained Yunawati.

Yunawati described how the consumers’ needs became the determining factor in developing the product. Many products are the result of the development of people’s needs in health. Those needs are opportunities for Kalbe Nutritionals to produce products of food, drinks, and drugs.

“With our life style right now, facing many challenges, we’re trying to produce goods which the market needs. We also do our best to meet those needs,” Yunawati confirmed.

The seriousness of Kalbe in manufacturing best products according to the market needs could be seen in their way of combining the market needs analysis and the technology of product development. This process involves a Research and Development team, including doctors who work for Kalbe.