International Business

International Lecture Week 2021


Binus University’s 2035 vision entitled “Fostering and Empowering the society in Serving and Building the Nation” which cascaded into 1 transition stage and 3 phases. At the transition period, ranging from 2019 – 2021, Binus University strives to focus on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION & ECOSYSTEM BUILDING, which highlight on building ecosystems to support data, research, academic improvement, and digital transformation for addressing community needs.  

The world has suffered from the global pandemic, and as a result many significant changes are taking place in every country’s economy, business, and society. In order to maintain business and social resilience, many companies are making changes to their business models that have been adapted to the current situation. In Indonesia, the COVID-19 pandemic is a different crisis that mainly affected SMEs.  The pandemic has affected over 60 million SMEs, and their performance was significantly deteriorated by relatively 30 to 90% due to the “social distancing” policy and their dependency on “face to face” type of transaction, which is common in the traditional market. Conversely, only less than 15% of SMEs were exposed to digitalization.  Indonesia is forecasted to face a recession due to this crisis, and SMEs are expected to encounter severe challenges. Therefore, without recovery support, SMEs are bound to survive less than 12 months.  

The 3rd International Lecture Week points out challenges and types of resilience and cluster issues facing enterprises that need to be resolved to prepare recovery, and one of them is Information Technology. For many businesses, including SMEs, participation in the digital economy is the key to greater resiliency. The company’s resilience and sustainability in Indonesia is an interesting topic yet an actual illustration of the recent trends of how Asian country’s economy and businesses emerge in current pandemic COVID-19. It is thus showcasing the importance of how Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship blend into the ILW theme.

The event will be from November 1st – 6th, 2021through ONLINE PLATFORM at BINUS University, Indonesia.