International Business

VSOT Mini Hackathon 2021 with Republic Polytechnic Singapore

BINUS University joined Republic Polytechnic in Singapore (RP) on finding ways to promote cultural exchange despite the pandemic era. The School of Management & Communication (SMC) of RP is co-organizing a Virtual Student Overseas Trip (VSOT) with the International Undergraduate Program of International Business, Business Management and Marketing, and Finance.

This seven-days program seeks to provide a virtual platform for students from both institutions to interact, engage, gain new knowledge and experiences on emerging Digital Transformation and Business Practices in the Singapore and Indonesia market environments. The VSOT will host a variety of webinars, masterclass sessions, student cultural exchange activities, and a mini-Hackathon. On the last day of the VSOT, we will be inviting various important industry and academic figures as members of the mini-Hackathon Judging Panel.  The main task for students is to provide critical advice or questions to each presenting team on their work in developing a simple digital marketing plan for either a Singapore or Indonesia tourism market related industry.

At the end of the event, we received a positive and enthusiastic feedback; an overall high satisfaction index based on the survey conducted. With this statement in hand, we are looking forward for further collaboration with our partners.