International Business

Grab #TerusUsaha Akselerasi Batch 2 is back!


Grab Indonesia, Binus University International, and Sahabat UMKM once again will host a program entitled GRAB #TERUSUSAHA AKSELERASI BATCH 2. Participants in the UMKM accelerator program can consult trainers and business consultants through the WhatsApp Group and Zoom media. The initiator of this collaboration, Dr. Marko S Hermawan, CA, CPMA, ACPA, who is also the head of the program for International Business in International Undergraduate Program, Binus Business School, will become one of the coaches for this project.

We are inviting students to participate in this project from the 1st to – 23rd of March 2021. There are areas of coverage for consultation, such as improvement of Logo and Packaging, Digital Marketing, and Finance and Accounting systems. This project can be claimed as community development (PkM) for faculty, whereas students can claim it as social hours.


Areas of consultation include:

  1. Finance (Mentor Coordinator: Amelia Limijaya, SE, M.Acc.Fin)
    1. Determination of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
    2. Preparation of Financial Statements for MSMEs (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow)
  2. Marketing (Mentor Coordinator: Dr. Adilla Anggraeni, MBA):
    1. Social media marketing (creating social media accounts, managing the account, creating content, etc)
    2. Segmenting, targeting, and positioning strategy
    3. Distribution strategy (utilizing / optimizing marketplace, etc)
  3. Logo & Packaging (Mentor Coordinator: Dr. Dra. Mita Purbasari Wahidiyat, MFA):
    1. Product Logo Consulting
    2. Product Packaging Consulting


For further information, visit the SAHABAT UMKM website:


For student registration, click this link