International Business

BINUS Website Award 2020: 2nd Winner

The official website of International Business Program, BBS was awarded 2nd winner in Website Award 2020.

We understand that website plays huge role in ‘how’ we communicate. the program will continue to provide useful information and important announcements to students, parents and scholars.

TOP 5 BITS Award

  1. Chinese Department
    Judul Learning Object: Chinese Reading III – Forest and Earth
  2. Information Systems
    Judul Learning Object: System Documentation Data Flow Diagram
  3. Accounting
    Judul Learning Object: Analysis of Early Detection System of Banking Industry in Indonesia on Shock
  4. Accounting
    Judul Learning Object: Pengendalian Internal Dalam Akuntansi Keuangan
  5. Architecture
    Judul Learning Object: Precedent Study


  1. English
  2. Interior Design Jakarta
  3. BBS – International Business
  4. Business Law
  5. School of Information Systems

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