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International Lecture Week BBS 2020


Binus Business School (BBS) is one of the prominent schools in Binus University with the greatest number of students amongst other schools. The school has received AACSB accreditation in 2019 and is the only private university in Indonesia who gained such prestigious award. One of the important pathways to pursue the accreditation is to prepare internationalization exposure, both students and faculty. The other reason to have this event is to promote BBS to its stakeholders and that BBS invites international professors. Having a big event like this will increase the awareness of the public.

Purpose of Events

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, all events in Binus have been cancelled or postponed. Binus University acknowledge the difficulty to host an event during this situation, while keeping all Binusian and its stakeholders in a safe environment. After careful consideration from the management and by following Covid-19 safety protocol, the 2nd International Lecture Week can be resumed using online facilitation. The event itself will be held from October 19 – 23rd, 2020. Hence, the school plans to invite more professors to teach and research with students and faculty for the week. The forthcoming theme is:


Description of theme

On July 19th, 2017, Binus has launched a new brand for its 2035 vision “Fostering and Empowering the Society.” By having the new vision, Binus expects to foster, empower and educate stakeholders by the integrated academy as well as personal development and enrich through effective learning experiences that engage creative technology, entrepreneurial spirit, or high impact research quality. Binus is also entitled to empower the society by becoming an agent of empowerment to society that enables to build a Greater Nusantara.

The ‘Fostering and Empowering’ brand continues to flourish as values to every BINUSIAN, including BBS. Hence, the theme for the 2nd International Lecture Week is FOSTERING AND EMPOWERING AN ENTREPRENEURIAL ENVIRONMENT THROUGH DIGITAL MANAGEMENT. It is important to understand how the growth of Indonesia’s entrepreneurship is expanding, and what characteristics lie within the Indonesian entrepreneurs. Based on the results by Google and AT 2


Kearney’s research in 2017, in the past five years, investment in Indonesian startups has risen 68 times. In 2012 investment in startups was recorded at USD 44 million. Then, the value rose to USD 3 billion in August 2017. At present, the value is predicted to be far greater, along with the increasing number of startups who get investment injections (Katadata, 2019). BBS has been one of the leading institutions to foster an entrepreneurial environment and empowering stakeholders to pursue startups within its graduates, students, and society.

Digital business, on the other hand, places an important role in Indonesian society. In 2018, Indonesia’s digital economic growth was the fastest with an economic value of US $ 27M. This figure increased by 49% from 2015 and is projected in 2025 with an estimated value of US $ 100M. In addition, this digital economy also contributes 2.9% to GDP (Tribunnews, 2019). It is thus showcasing the importance of how Digital Business and Entrepreneurship blend into the ILW theme. The 2nd ILW is expected to promote the growing number of entrepreneurships in Indonesia, by providing supportive information, knowledge, and research to BBS faculty, students, and other related stakeholders.


The organizer of the event is Binus Business School, Binus University, Indonesia.

Calendar of Events

The event will be from October 19th – 23rd, 2020, through ONLINE BASIS at BINUS University, Indonesia.


International Lecture Week will consist of :

  1. Guest Lecture
  2. Public Seminar
  3. Research Forum

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