International Business

Staying Social despite social distancing time

“Today’s young generation has so many  ideas  and diverse talents that can positively impact our country”

-Grace Batubara 

 During the pandemic of Covid-19, Binus International Business Society (BIBS) held a virtual event entitled “Staying Social Despite Social Distancing” featuring the wife of the Minister of Social Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia, Grace Batubara. The event was held to encourage not only Binusian but also many people to stay active in their community despite of social distancing measures. 

On Saturday, 16th May 2020 through Instagram’s Live platform, Miss Indonesia 2019, Princess Megonondo from BINUS International carried out the event as the moderator. Mrs. Grace Batubara then discussed questions around how to be productive and give a positive impact to the society in this pandemic situation. Mrs. Grace also shared her experiences as the advisor of the Ministry of Social Affairs  Dharma Wanita on how the state ensures that all citizens receive the same services and ensures that the state is present for all citizens.

You can watch the video of the event on @BINUS.BIBS instagram account. 

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