International Business

BIBS Do-nate it program 2020


The christian elderly nursing home Muara Kasih has been present since November 8, 1992 in Jakarta under the auspices of the Pernias Foundation. The Muara Kasih RPUK service is a “semi-hospital” service that elderly brothers and sisters can be treated here by taking into account some special criteria such as not having contagious diseases, mental disorders and etc. RPUK Muara Kasih also opened wide hands to receive assistance from brothers and sisters who were burdened in the back of prayer, attention, service assistance, as well as financial assistance and donations of goods.

Spending time senior loved ones and elderies at the nursing home has huge benefits for their health, primarily keeping them emotionally happy and physically young. Recent studies in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior have shown social isolation to be associated with cognitive decline, a decline in health and increased rates of infection and even mortality. Maintaining frequent communication and visiting with the seniors/elderies can help them ward off detrimental cognitive and physical problems as they age.

  1. Visting can help them feel emotionally engaged and brings back positive memories. Can help them feel connected, less lonely, ward off any depression, social isolation or stress.
  2. Visiting helps to create new experience for us and them as well as memories for the future.
  3. Visiting reminds them that there are still others and us youths that care and love them. It takes our physical presence and warmth to make them happy.
  4. Visiting also serves as a time to reminisce and reconnect with their happy past. It can be beneficial to those suffering from dementia and memory loss- to connect with their senses and bring back the memories of happy times
  5. Visiting helps us to learn and gain a broader insight about other lives and experiences. It also helps to develop more of our empathy towards others.

Students learnt to empathize towards the elderies. Religion and religious activities are some of the events that is conducted regularly in the nursing home to keep the elderies in high spirit and remain religiously faithful. Students also had the chance to hear past stories of the elderies and the fun experiences they has when they were younger. Some elderies were also unfortunate and left by their children or relatives in the nursing home that they wished to return back to their home town or have their families to visit them. Overall, the students learnt to be more grateful of their life and the facilities they could enjoy.



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