International Business

Student Entrepreneur – Rachethel Ocha


She started her business idea with simple question: If so many entrepreneurs are digitally advertising themselves, who will take care of their non-digital stationery?

Rachel believes that every entrepreneur (at very least) needs a name card. It is a small, neglected necessity, but plays important role when an entrepreneur is up for a networking event. Many of her peers, when facing this moment, are going for the nearest printing company to make them a box of name card. Therefore, she started her business idea focusing in this area as “cheaper Snapy”.

During the semester, her business idea is being pivoted several times; but, the most interesting part of her journey is about how she developed her network during the course. In the beginning, she thought that catering to early-stage entrepreneurs will be an easy task, since there are many aspiring entrepreneurs from her peers. However, most of her clients during her entrepreneurial journey ended up coming from unexpected parties: her veterinarian, a friend of friend that needs emergency assistance (in design and printing), and random people that she would never thought will need her service.