International Business


  Do-nate-it event was held on October 20th 2018 at Panti Asuhan Kasih Anugerah Rumah Pemulihan. There are about 37 children in the orphange. 13 International Business participants including BIBS committees joined the event. Participants was informed to arrive at the location at 1pm sharp using their own private transportation.

   Upon arrival, we were greeted by the staff members of the orphanage and was ushered in. The kids were all gathered inside the hall. The hall has a small space with one shelf filled with educational and story books. Connecting the hall are two bedrooms and a toilet. Our first activity program which lasted for half an hour was self introduction and explaining our visitation purpose. Following the introduction was an ice breaking game that involves the children to say out their names so that the event participants could remember. Next we had prepared coloring papers with animal pictures, color pencils and clay to play with the kids.

  The participants were divided into several groups to be assigned in assisting the kids with their needs. We spent one and a half hour interacting with the kids while they were busy coloring or playing with the clay. The last half an hour, we awarded the kids with cookies and sweet drink as a token of appreciation from us. Before we left the orphanage, we had a photo and closing session with the kids. All of that sums up our program for BIBS Do-nate-it event.