Mr. Sukma Putra, from International Business, Binus University International UG program presented his paper “The Effect of Functional Delight towards Positive Emotion Affect on Impulse Buying at the 5th IMHA Conference at Jakarta, Indonesia on September 04, 2018

This research investigates the relationship between website quality and consumer online impulse buying. The objective of this research was to analyze the influence of Functional Convenience and Representational Delight on Positive Emotional Affect and on Impulse Buying. This research was tested on 388 respondents through an online questionnaire. Respondents are Indonesians that once shopped at discount group sites in Indonesia. This research used SEM-PLS method with the assistance of SmartPLS v3.2.6 software as a calculation tool. The conclusion of this research showed there is positive and significant effect from Functional Convenience and Representational Delight on Impulse Buying, either simultaneously or partially through Positive Emotional Affect.