The Mobility Program is an initiative by BINUS UNIVERSITY to enhance students’ competencies. In this program, students spend one year studying at a different BINUS UNIVERSITY campus. For example, students enrolled at the Malang, Semarang, or Bandung campuses can study at one of the Greater Jakarta or Bekasi campuses, and vice versa.

If you’re studying International Business Management in the Global Class at Binus University, prepare for an exciting opportunity in your fifth semester: it’s time to study abroad! This is your chance to learn in a new environment at one of the many universities worldwide that have teamed up with Binus University.

While students in the regular program can choose to go abroad in semesters 6 or 7 during the enrichment program if they want to, this experience is a special part of your fifth semester for Global Class students. It’s more than just a study program; it’s your gateway to new experiences, new friends, and new ways of seeing the world.

To start planning your adventure and to see all the universities you can choose from, visit Di options and start imagining where your studies can take you!

Students who are already in the 5th semester can join this program on their chosen BINUS UNIVERSITY campus