At Binus Business School, faculty members are not only encouraged but also required to contribute to the advancement of knowledge through scholarly publications as part of their professional responsibilities. The institution has established a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system that mandates the publication of research articles in internationally recognized Scopus-indexed journals, as well as promoting contributions to national journals, textbooks, book chapters, and reference books.

Scopus is a prestigious and comprehensive database of peer-reviewed literature, encompassing research articles from various disciplines, including business and management. Publishing in Scopus-indexed journals is considered a significant accomplishment for faculty members, as it demonstrates the quality and impact of their research.

In addition to journal articles, faculty are encouraged to author or co-author textbooks, contribute book chapters to edited volumes, and create reference books. These additional avenues for scholarly publication allow faculty members to share their research, insights, and expertise with a broader audience, further enhancing their academic standing and the reputation of Binus Business School.

By setting clear expectations for research output, Binus Business School promotes a high standard of scholarship and ensures that its faculty members remain at the forefront of their respective fields. This commitment to academic excellence not only benefits the individual faculty members and the institution as a whole but also enriches the educational experience for students, providing them with a deeper understanding of the latest trends, theories, and practices in the field of business and management.

If you are interested in exploring the research publications produced by Binus Business School faculty members, please visit the Research and Technology Transfer page on the Binus University website. This online resource provides an extensive database of faculty research, showcasing the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and the dissemination of knowledge across various fields of business and management.