The International Business Management students at BINUS Business School have the opportunity to enhance their academic experience through a minor program. The minor program, which is available in the 5th semester of the International Business Management curriculum, consists of a variety of options, including Digital Ecosystem, Sustainable Development, Cross-Cultural Communication, Interactive and User Experience Design, Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Transformation, Virtual Services Experience, Culinary, and Metaverse in Business. Each minor program is worth 10 credits, and students have the flexibility to choose the program that best aligns with their career goals and interests.

By taking a minor program, International Business Management students can broaden their knowledge and develop additional skills beyond the core courses of their major program. For instance, students who are interested in digital business can opt for the Digital Ecosystem or Digital Transformation minors, while those who are interested in sustainability can choose the Sustainable Development minor. Moreover, students who are keen to explore new areas, such as user experience design or culinary metaverse in business, can select the relevant minor program to gain new insights and practical experience.

Below are the lists of Minor Program offered in different campuses:

Minor Program Semester 5
Minor @ BINUS Kemanggisan
Digital Ecosystem V
Sustainable Development V
Cross Cultural Communication V
Interactive & Users Experience Design V
Data Analytics V
Robotic Process Automation V
Minor @ BINUS Alam Sutera
Digital Transformation V
Minor @ BINUS Bekasi
Virtual Services Experience V
Culinary V
Minor @ BINUS Semarang
Metaverse in Business V

The minor programs can change anytime based on the trends of knowledge and industry each year. Students will receive information about the updated minor programs during the registration period.