Prospective Career of the Graduates

A wide range of career opportunities in different industries is introduced in which students will be prepared throughout the four years of study. The integrated curriculum is designed and developed to support students in building on their knowledge and practical skills and engaging with the industry. Options of career opportunities upon graduating from International Business are:

The program offers you a professional career path in an international company and global market to put you in a high-demand career or business as:

  • International Business Analyst: An international business analyst analyzes business data and provides recommendations to companies on improving their international operations.
  • International Market Research: Professionals in this field research international markets to help companies understand consumer behaviour, identify trends, and develop effective marketing strategies.
  • International Business Development: International business development professionals help companies expand their operations overseas by identifying new markets, building relationships with international partners, and developing new products and services for international audiences.
  • International Business Planning: Professionals in this field create strategic plans for companies looking to expand their operations overseas, including market entry strategies, financial projections, and risk assessments.
  • International Business Relations: This career involves managing relationships with international partners and stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, and government agencies.
  • International Business Services: Professionals in this field provide a range of services to companies operating internationally, including legal, financial, and marketing services.
  • International Business Credit Analyst: An international business credit analyst assesses the creditworthiness of international businesses and makes recommendations to companies on whether or not to extend credit to them.
  • Government International Development: This career involves working for government agencies to promote economic development and international trade.
  • Derivatives Trader: A derivatives trader buys and sells financial instruments such as futures contracts, options, and swaps in international markets.
  • Consultant for Finance and Trade: A consultant for finance and trade provides advice to companies on financial and trade-related matters, including risk management, compliance, and regulatory issues.
  • Export Officer: An export officer manages the exportation of goods and services from one country to another.
  • Advisory and Partner Executive: Professionals in this field provide strategic advice to companies looking to expand their international operations, and may also be responsible for managing relationships with international partners.
  • Foreign Exchange Trader: A foreign exchange trader buys and sells currencies in international markets.
  • International Licensing / Franchising Manager: An international licensing or franchising manager manages licensing and franchising agreements between companies operating in different countries.
  • Foreign Exchange Officer: A foreign exchange officer manages the currency exchange process for international transactions.
  • Joint Venture Project Manager: A joint venture project manager oversees the development and implementation of joint venture projects between companies in different countries.
  • Global Risk Management Solutions Analyst: A global risk management solutions analyst identifies and analyzes risks associated with international business operations and develops strategies for managing those risks.
  • International Policy Consultant: An international policy consultant provides advice to government agencies and international organizations on matters related to international trade and economic policy.
  • Import Export Coordinator: An import export coordinator manages the importation and exportation of goods and services across international borders.
  • Multinational Company Manager: A multinational company manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of a company that operates in multiple countries.

Future career