Binus Business School has a dedicated faculty supervisory team to guide and mentor students in their thesis research. The supervisory team consists of experienced and qualified faculty members with expertise in various fields related to international business management.

When a student chooses to pursue a thesis in the international business management program, they are assigned a supervisory team that will guide them through the research process. The team provides guidance on selecting a research topic, developing a research proposal, conducting research, analyzing data, and writing the thesis.

The supervisory team also provides feedback and constructive criticism to ensure that the thesis meets the highest academic standards. They help students to stay on track with their research goals, address any challenges or obstacles, and ensure that the thesis is completed on time.

In addition to providing guidance and support, the supervisory team helps students connect with industry experts, academic scholars, and other researchers who can provide valuable insights and feedback on their research.

Below are the thesis topics and the subject expert faculty: