Alumni Sharing 2020 By 7 Successfull Alumni

Alumni Sharing 2020
IBM Alumni Sharing 2020

14 November 2020, Int. Business Management Program held Alumni Sharing from 7 Alumni from entrepreneurship and Multinational Company. Alumni With Succesfull Business are M. Bagier-B2016(PT Karya Pandawa Sampurna – construction Company), Yusa Nanda H.-B2017( Metronom DJ School) and Medianta Ismail -B2017(Podcast Studio Stinkybin Space). While From Company are Nabila Adreyan Putri(Assx. Man Upfield for Blue Band Brand), Raissa Devina-B2017(Product Marketing GoPay), Kelvin Utomo -B2018(Accounting Manager Group Aryaduta) and Priscillia Leonanda K-B2019(Ass. Man(cand) Import – Lautan Steel Indonesia.

This event is talkshow that share about their experience from zero in uni life and becoming succesfull in work and business. It motivate all student active to graduate on time and finish earlier to go to next step of building business or working in a global company.