Sustainability Leadership Program


In response to the pressing need for sustainability leadership in the Global world, the Sustainability Leadership Development Program has been meticulously designed. As sustainability takes center stage in global business, effective leadership in this context is paramount.

This program recognizes that sustainability leadership demands a unique skill set and mindset, equipping leaders to navigate sustainability challenges, align strategies with ethical sourcing, measure impact, foster innovation, engage stakeholders, and drive transformative change within organizations.

By nurturing sustainability-focused leaders, this program strives to catalyze a shift toward responsible and sustainable business practices, ensuring organizations thrive in a rapidly evolving global landscape.



  1. Equip leaders with in-depth knowledge of sustainability concepts and trends.
  2. Develop leadership skills tailored to the challenges of sustainability.
  3. Integrate sustainability seamlessly into business strategies.
  4. Enable effective measurement and communication of sustainability impact.
  5. Foster innovation and circular economy practices.
  6. Enhance stakeholder engagement and communication.
  7. Empower leaders to drive sustainable change within their organizations.
  8. Translate learning into actionable sustainability plans.


Delivery methods


In Class Outline

Topic 1 : Foundations of Sustainability Leadership

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Sustainability
  • Session 2 – Sustainability in Action
  • Session 3 – International  vs Indonesia ESG Policy and Issues
  • Session 4 – Case Studies on Sustainability Leadership

Topic 2 : Sustainability Financing

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Green Financing
  • Session 2 – Risk and Opportunity
  • Session 3 – ESG Financial Analysis
  • Session 4 – Sustainable Finance Instruments and Products

Topic 3 : Developing Sustainability Strategy

  • Session 1 – Moving Towards Green Strategy
  • Session 2 – Transition Dimension
  • Session 3 – Environment Sustainability Roadmap
  • Session 4 – Developing Sustainable Transition strategy

Topic 4 : Sustainability Production

  • Session 1 – Global Sustainable SCM
  • Session 2 – Supply Chain Mapping
  • Session 3 – Principles and Practices of Circular Economy
  • Session 4 – Carbon Footprint Reduction

Topic 5 : Sustainability Innovation

  • Session 1 – Future Trends in Sustainability
  • Session 2 – Climate innovation
  • Session 3 – Innovative Approaches to Sustainability
  • Session 4 – Sustainable Innovation Workshop

Topic 6 : Communication and Collaboration

  • Session 1 – Sustainability Metrics and KPIs
  • Session 2 – GHG Protocol
  • Session 3 – Reporting and Communication
  • Session 4 – Stakeholder Engagement

Business Simulation

Learning Objectives

By playing Net Zero Sim, participants will learn through experience that:

• Making large cuts in greenhouse gas emissions is challenging for companies, but possible.

• Reducing corporate emissions does not need to go at the expense of business performance and can help to reduce costs and increase revenues (i.e., there is a business case for sustainability).

• Choosing the right emission reduction strategies requires managers to think through all the consequences of their decisions and to prioritize. Not all initiatives that look “green” have a significant impact on emissions.

• Corporate emission reduction efforts benefit from the involvement of employees, customers, and suppliers.

Sustainability performance measurement and analysis is critical to achieving results.

Program Overview

Duration of Program 2 Months, Consist of:

  • Pre-Activity ( 1 Session) Online
  • 6 Weeks In Class Training Online  (2 Days a Week every Tuesday and Thursday with @2 Sessions each)
  • Half Day Business Simulation (2 Sessions) Online
  • 1x Project Final Presentation (Post Program) Onsite – 1 Day
  • Pre Reading, Assignment and Post Assignment

Delivery: Offline and Online (Hybrid)