Certified Management Accountants (CMA-US)

Certified Management Accountants (CMA-US) certification is a globally recognized professional certification in management accounting.

Why take the certification program?

Obtaining a CMA certification can offer several benefits for accountants looking to advance their careers, including:

  1. Demonstrating Competence: CMA accreditation shows managerial accounting expertise.
  2. Improved Career Prospects: Better Job Prospects: CMA accreditation opens paths to higher-level accounting, finance, and similar roles.
  3. Enhanced Salary Potential: CMAs make more than non-certified CPAs. CMA accreditation shows management accounting expertise that companies value.
  4. Access to a Professional Network: CMA accreditation gives you entry to a global network of qualified professionals for job growth, knowledge-sharing, and professional advancement.
  5. Continual Professional Development: CMAs must continue their education and training to stay current in management accounting.

In summary, obtaining a CMA certification can be a valuable investment for accountants seeking to advance their careers, enhance their salary potential, and stay competitive in an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment.

Why CMA ?


Source: Global Salaries – Management Accountant Survey




IMA’s latest survey findings show that there are clear earnings-specific advantages for CMAs.

Source: Global Salaries – Management Accountant Survey



Source: Global Salaries – Management Accountant Survey


What is required to earn CMA certification?

  • Active membership in IMA (Institute of Management Accountants)
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university or a related professional certification
  • Complete two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management. This requirement may be completed prior to or within seven years of passing the examination.
  • Passing Parts 1 and 2 of the CMA exam.


CMA Curriculum

The CMA: Two Exam Parts Covering 12 Competencies

The U.S. CMA certification says you’ve stepped up and mastered the 12 most critical practice areas of management accounting. The routine tasks of accounting will become a thing of the past. And new strategic challenges will become a thing of the present.

  • Planning & Analysis
  • Risk Management & Internal Controls
  • Performance Management
  • Technology & Analytics
Competencies Percentages
External Financial Reporting Decision 15%
Cost Management 15%
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 20%
Performance Management 20%
Internal Controls 15%
Technology and Analytics 15%
Total 100%
Competencies Percentages
Financial Statement Analysis 20%
Corporate Finance 20%
Decision Analysis 25%
Enterprise Risk Management 10%
Investment Decisions 10%
Professional Ethics 15%
Total 100%

Exam Modules

  • Candidate will have three hours to complete the multiple-choice section and one hour to complete the essays for each part.
    • Part 1: 4 hours – 100 multiple-choice questions and two 30-minute essays.
    • Part 2: 4 hours – 100 multiple-choice questions and two 30-minute essays.
  • Candidate must answer at least 50% of the multiple-choice questions correctly to be eligible to take the essay section.
  • Candidate will not receive immediate pass/fail results because the essay questions will be graded off-line.

Parts 1 and 2 are offered during the following three testing windows:

  • January/February
  • May/June
  • September/October


(Historical) Passing Rates

Exam Part 2013 2014 2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2018-2019 2020-later
Part 1 35% 35% 36% 35% 40% 35% 50%
Part 2 42% 49% 55% 52% 50% 50% 50%
  • The Part 1 pass rates are usually lower than the Part 2 rates.
  • CMA Part 1 pass rates were 35% until 2017-2018. The 2017-2018 test-takers did better, with 40% passing CMA Part 1. Candidates may have been better prepared, which could explain the rise. In 2018–2019, Part 1 pass rates dropped again. After 2020, 36.25% of Part 1 test takers passed. Now that CMA pass rates are around 50%, applicants appear better equipped on exam day.
  • 2013 had the lowest CMA Part 2 pass rate at 42%. By 2015, half of applicants passed Part 2. It’s not likely that the CMA exam got easier. Candidates studied smarter and harder. Even with 2020’s changes, Part 2’s pass rate has remained around 50%.


Why Attending Preparatory Course

  • Increases comprehension on materials
  • Get hints and develop exam strategy cannot be found while working alone
  • Imposes discipline and focus
  • Compare and develop with other participants
  • Assess your readiness
  • Networking


Part 1 & 2 Batch 2 Weekdays Class
Training schedule 23 July  – 12 September 2024
Day Tuesday & Thursday
Time 18.30 – 21.35 WIB
Venue Online Class with Zoom



BINUS CMA Preparation Program Part 1 & 2 Rp 13.500.000 ,-

  • 30 sessions (90 minutes/session)
  • CMA Exam Resources by Becker

Special Offers:

  • BINUSIAN Disc. 15% off (*show copy of Binusian card or BBS Executive Education certificate )
  • Corporate Rate are available

*Fee includes access to LMS Extra learning portal, course online material, lunch/dinner (on site class only), certificate of attendance, and parking card (on site class only)


  • The course fee is nett
  • Payment no later than one week before the training program begins.
  • Withdrawal or delay in joining the training program no later than 3 days before the training begins with an administration payment of Rp. 100.000.
  • No refund for participants who withdraw after the training program begins.
  • Participants who have registered cannot be replaced with other participants.




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