Corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments are often involved with civil society organizations (CSOs) through partnerships in order to develop projects in the format of CSR partnership establishment. Regardless of the type of projects, contemporary CSR paradigm labels the activity as creating ‘shared value’.

TAUZIA Equal Chance is a program established by TAUZIA group that is conducted through collaboration with Indonesian Street Children Organization (ISCO). This program was first aimed at provision of education for street children. The partnership has been running since 2013 and was based on a five-year contract. Under this partnership, TAUZIA Management has committed to do fundraising for a certain number of children under the ISCO foundation each year. Over the years, the number of students that they support keeps on increasing. To raise funds for this purpose, TAUZIA Management has employed several methods, including conducting a variety of fundraising events, involving and engaging its own employees as well as other stakeholders, etc.

On the other hand, Marc Steinmeyer realized that it is important to ensure that the program was successful and sustainable; knowing that a 5-year program requires a significant commitment on both parties and they may lose perspective along the way. This leads to the next question: how is TAUZIA’s ‘Equal Chance’ program developed in collaboration with Indonesian Street Children Organization (ISCO) to create and sustain the kind of values for both organizations? How can both organizations leverage their partnership? What will be the next move that TAUZIA can take to expand its CSR activities?