Dr. Anita Maharani, S.E., M.M.

Dr. Anita Maharani, S.E., M.M.

Anita Maharani has interest in organizational behavior and family business. Although not yet many writing produced from her, but some of her writing was the expression of her interest. This was her first case study written by herself, about how a foundation struggle to sustain their aim. Anita, is one of faculty members in Binus Business School – S2, she teach subjects as follow: human capital management, ethics and social awareness, also leadership and organizational behavior.

Case Document


Arema FC or Arema (former known as Arema Malang), is a soccer club from Malang, East Java, Indonesia. There is always a “behind story” of everything, and it happens as well to Arema. For some people in Malang believe that Arema, was a local legend for people lives in Malang, Jawa Timur. Sponsors are the “oil engine”, a soccer club can finance themselves using sponsors. People will easily notice sponsors by looking at soccer team’s jersey. It was also happened with Arema, they need sponsors, they have it and they put the name of sponsor screened on their jersey. But, the problem is, sponsors only interest when a soccer club routinely follow match. And to follow a match, a soccer club relies their future to coach. Joko Susilo or known as Getuk, is no longer strangers. He started his career as soccer player when he was still 16 years old in 1986, he joined Persikaba Blora although he was born in Cepu, Indonesia. he spend more than one year to exercise and learn about being a coach, two years was not a short time, he was “graduated” as junior coach on 2006 and later on 2007 he was trusted by the management to be junior coach  at Arema. As time passes by, since his first debuted as junior coach, he and the team practice a lot, its dynamic and full of stories, good stories and vice versa. Arema’s performance is getting left behind compared with their own performa’s several times before, and the downturn happened during Aji’s rule, they lose five match, and they got only four points from 15 points. Fans of Arema (Aremania and Aremanita) were reacted, they protests by writing some complaints through social media, they demand the management to fire Aji for not making any progress. But, the management insist on hiring Getuk as the coach, will the management finally realise


PUCO is ambitious to be the only one Indonesian valve control systems, they aimed to convince their customer to use their product. But in order to convince, they know that they need to struggle to get certification “American Petroleum Institute (API)”, that is not easy to get. Baskoro thought that all efforts that he has been taking is enough to get API’s auditors impression, but unexpectedly PUCO didn’t pass the certification, and receive reports from API around mid-April 2018, one month after certification process. From the reports, Baskoro was in terrible disappointed, since one of the findings mentioning PT. PUCO need to evaluate and improve their documentation also their quality control.  


HARRIS Day was a program that combined CSR and marketing programs. The program took various themes and activities which aimed to order to raise community awareness on HARRIS Hotel existence as local hotel with International Network. HARRIS Day was fully supported by Mark Steinmeyer, the founder of Tauzia Hotels. Although HARRIS Days has been implemented for 10 years, Marc was still looking for ways  to formulate HARRIS Day program that meets CSR and marketing objectives. It must be able to encourage HARRIS stakeholders to accept the program properly and willing to execute it successfully. It was not easy to carry out activities involving many people and simultaneously held in some areas. The biggest challenge was to determine the theme and concept of HARRIS Fun Bike because it had to accommodate many things such as brand development and budget allocation. The most important thing was the committee because it consists of internal stakeholders who also had high workloads. Moreover, it also took time to select the venue for HARRIS Fun Bike. The venue will be rotated every year. Every mid-year THM and all HARRIS Hotels chain started looking for sponsors and decide the theme and concept. GM Cluster in each city who was pointed by THM must be able to lead the preparation and responsible for the success of the events. GM Cluster must establish the operational team in their area. THM corp. team (Brand, Marketing, Event, and CSR) and operational teams in each cities coordinate each other to work together to carry out the event simultaneously. To boost the excitement of events outside Jakarta, senior managers from THM Jakarta were sent to each cluster to attend the HARRIS Fun Bike. The evaluation obtained from each chief operating officer after the event was completed would be an input for the next event preparation.


Back in 2012, patient with kidney failure in Indonesia reach more than 150.000 people that needs dialysis treatment, but however, this treatment only to serve for 100.000 people, and few patients only that afforded to pay the treatments cost. While there were many issues related with insufficient financial capacity for patients with kidney failure, and there is one foundation that aimed to help solving this problem. Although it was not the only one exist, YGDI (Yayasan Ginjal Diatrans Indonesia) through Dr. Bimanesh and team, struggling to find the best solution in order to bring the aim to reality. The struggle is getting more complicated, when YGDI pushed to create money, to finance themselves to run their daily operational. They can use GAKIN or JAMSOSTEK (later known as BPJS) only for the purpose of patient’s treatment. This issue makes YGDI think hard, with limited resources, how can they survive as a foundation, and concurrently still deliver good service to their patients?