Foreword from the Head of Program

In any market economy, business plays a huge, significant role through the creation of jobs and production of goods and services. The first gate to the success of a business comes from understanding the market, consumers, and competition.

At the strategic level, marketing is responsible to spot the opportunities by understanding consumers and competition, in order to develop the right offerings for the market. At the tactical level, marketing is responsible in designing the right product, price, distribution, and communication strategy to ensure business success in meeting the market needs. Studying business management and marketing provides a powerful tool for any aspiring business owners, CEOs, and CMOs to be the leader in the industry.

The Business Management and Marketing program prepares students to be strategic and tactical business leaders with relevant market knowledge and information. We prepare our students to have entrepreneurial mindset and agility in welcoming the global competition. Our courses enable students to grasp knowledge in managing a business, competing in a market, and thriving in a digital economy.