Gamification in Education

Who says that education can’t be fun?

Binus Business School International Undergraduate Program – Business Management Program conducted a workshop on February 1st, 2024 held a workshop to explore the use of game and gamification in teaching and learning process. During this event, the participants were exposed to the online game using Harvard Business Simulation for the first session. While during the 2nd session the participants were exposed to play a boardgame called ‘Chinatown’. It’s a boardgame which enhance your negotiation skills while strategizing to be the richest player in the game.

The participants for this workshop consist mostly of Lecturers which arguably implementing all their business skills to beat the competition. As we all can see in the picture below how serious and intense the negotiation can be which left the chairs completely useless as everybody was standing towards the end of the session.

Similar experience was also shown at the other table whereby all of the participants were standing, which again left the chairs completely useless and the food completely ignored. This behavior has shown how much level of engagement can be provided using gamification, in which similar experience usually happens as well at the class room.

Towards the end of the workshop, it is agreed that game and gamification can bring another level of engagement in the teaching and learning process, especially in the classroom. And the most important key takeaways for this workshop is how education definitely can be fun.

So when can we arrange the next workshop guys?

Binus – Senayan Campus, Thursday Feb 1st, 2024.

Tengku Mohd Khairal Abdullah MBA., Ph.D

Tengku Mohd. Khairal Abdullah MBA., Ph.D