“The change that I experienced was  on the process of thinking and strategic thinking than crafting something.  When I was  a fulltime designer, I made more designs, the production of mock-up. Now my focus has shifted to strategic thinking and do a lot  of researches  that can be applied  in my  Industry”

Gema Wahyudi is a UI / UX Designer at Aleph Labs in Jakarta, who previously worked at one of the biggest retail companies in Jakarta as a marketing manager. He mentioned that  branding and  new product development became a very important thing in his work. The shift from merely designing to  Strategic Thinking Process makes Gema discover new things that helped him to targeting the right message to the right target.  According to him, being sensitive has  become one of the most important weapons for marketers in a pandemic situation like today. Marketers who are sensitive to the situation and have empathy will find more  innovative  opportunities which lead to the development of  product or campaign that can be easily understood by the consumers.