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Marketing as healthcare professional

Nama saya Hadyan, saya seorang Dokter. Saya melihat kebutuhan untuk perubahan paradigma masyarakat Indonesia mengenai kesehatan. Oleh karena itu saya membutuhkan ilmu marketing untuk mengkampanyekan pentingnya menjaga kesehatan.

Hari/jam kuliah

Halo, untuk program BBS Creative Marketing, kelasnya berlangsung setiap hari atau hanya weekend saja? Lalu seluruh proses belajar dalam bahasa Inggris atau bahasa Indonesia?

Creative Marketing Details

To whom it may concern,

I’d like to know more details about the program, such as the upcoming intake schedule in 2021 and the tuition fee. Thank you.



Registrarion Inquiry

Hi! I’m interested to enroll in the program. Would be great if I can have more information regarding the registrations, tests, and other things to complete prior to enrolling.

May I also know when does this program start? Is it every quarter? If I submit my application let’s say in November, and get accepted, when would my program starts?

Thank you in advance! 🙂

Creative marketing Master Program

apakah program s2 masih available?  Bila masih kapan deadline pendaftaran dan apa saja persyaratan nya? saya kebetulan lulus dari university di malaysia,Ijazah dan Transcript saya masih dalam verifikasi dikti apakah saya masih bisa mendaftar?


When is the application started?

Questions attached

When the program will start? Is it any test for join the program? Any maximum age for student?



need more information

BBS Creativity Marketing Enquery

Hello, my name is Leoned. I’m interested in the creative marketing master program. I have some questions regarding the courses that I will take in this program. Could you tell me what are the list of the courses/subjects that I will learn? And how long will this program run?

Thank you,

Ratecard and scholarship enquiry

Hello Binus!

I really interested in continuing my formal education and experience the postgraduate program!

Can you tell and describe the process, timeline and cost?

One of my dream is to become a lecturer, do you have a scholarship program where I can pledge my time to be a lecturer in your institution and granted a price cut?


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