“Before, while having concern about brand image, brand strategy, developing a brand, and brand value, I thought strategy and branding it’s not the same with marketing. But after I took  MM Creative Marketing class, I knew that marketing and branding support each other.”
Dwi Gentari Agustin is 2015 Alumnus and an entrepreneur. Her favourite course is Branding because  it is important  product branding and brand image are important when you sell something.  From that course, she just knew that a self-image is important  to reflect what we are presenting. If our brand image is about instant and junk food , it is not relevant when we sell a healthy, organic vegan food. And she also mentioned about the importance of entrepreneurship because it iwas not only theory but practical  also. According to her, Marketer that is needed in this industry 4.0 era is not only  knowledgeable but also have to build other skills that we can search and learn to do it. She also pinpointed to consistently study the skills that will support us in the digital world such as photography , because in this digital era, marketing automatically use online marketing and having this skill will save a lot of cost.