Haris Fajar Rahmanto : Semiotic is One of the Abilities to Explore Customers

Haris Fajar Rahmanto, Strategy Director from Illuminate Research Asia says semiotics is one of the abilities to explore customers on event of Market Update at Binus Business School.

“So I’m talking about the development of the world of market research in the industry as well as its influence on academics as well because we talk about the needs of the world of work, one of which is market research as absorbing students from binus university,” Haris on opening interview from BINUS TV on Monday, 4 March 2019.

Semiotics is one of the developing methods in the world of market research in part of qualitative research actually, the relationship is that if we talk about market research, we try to find the method that best represents the consumer’s thought process, so one that we think has the ability to explore consumers are semiotic, so semiotics is the study of symbols, signs, and culture, then how cultural symbols affect consumer behavior or consumer perception. and in the end how this cultural symbol can shape consumer perceptions.” Haris Explained about semiotics.

“For most students, marketing research may not be as attractive as other marketing aspects such as digital marketing or advertising. The words “research” are identical to the thesis which is mandatory and “torture.”

Research is also identical to statistics, because during the lecture Methodology Research the weight of quantitative research was far greater than qualitative research. As a result, it is difficult to get talent who has the ability and passion in the field of qualitative research.”

“One thing that made me take my hat off to Binus was that they began to give similar weight to qualitative research as part of the Research Methodology course. The next task is to show that the world of marketing research is not only limited to qualitative and quantitative research, but is far more interesting with the presence of neuroscience, behavioral economics, semiotics and others.”

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