Although Already Have an Online Stores, 5 of These Prove the Importance of Retail Stores

In this online age, many retailers are actually out of business because they cannot compete with existing online stores. This makes many people think, should the retail store no longer need to be there?

Oops, before you conclude, it’s a good idea to read the article below about the advantages of retail stores that online stores cannot have. What are they? Here are the reviews for you!

1. Can See the Physical Goods Directly

The main advantage of buying goods at a retail store is that we can immediately see the items we want to buy. This will be very important if we want to buy items such as clothing and smartphones that we often have to try first to find out whether it is suitable or not. In contrast to online stores that only provide images only so that information is minimal.

2. Reducing Purchase Errors

Often we do not understand the specifications given in online stores. This makes us at risk of buying goods wrong, for example, the size of clothes that can be different from our actual body size. By shopping at a retail store, we certainly will not buy the wrong item because we touch the item directly.

3. Social Interaction

There is almost no interaction between buyers and sellers in online transactions. This makes it difficult for us to ask the seller or ask for their advice. For example, if you want to buy make up and are confused about what to buy, usually there will be officers who have received special training to understand the needs of customers.

In addition, retail stores can also increase the frequency of our social interactions, which today are increasingly being displaced by interactions in cyberspace.

4. After Bought, Can Use Directly

If you buy goods via online, you have to wait several days until you can use the item. If you are not an impatient person, retail stores are the best choice for you because you can immediately use these items once you buy them. Not only that, sometimes we need these items quickly so shopping at an online store is not an option.

5. Open Jobs

Last, the most important thing about a retail store is to open jobs for many people. This will help move the economy and reduce the number of unemployed people in Indonesia.

In a retail store, there are many workers such as warehouses, cashiers, and retail managers, so if the retail store disappears there will be many people who lose their jobs.

Well, so that’s the 5 things that are the advantages of retail stores and can’t be owned by online stores. So which is better, an online store or a retail store? If according to the authors themselves both are equally important so it would be nice for these two types of shops to complement each other.

    Deny Hung