A Letter from Andrew Collien: An Inspiring Story from the Other Side of the Earth

What is your dream that you’re afraid to chase? I bet everybody has one or more dreams that we are afraid to chase. We think it’s impossible, crazy, doesn’t make sense or stupid. But actually, our dream is just not acceptable by our society and I call this society trap. I have a dream to cycle around the world and yes, it’s not acceptable by my society (family, friends, colleagues, etc) but being in late 20ish years old, it gives me a good reason to do my before 30 thing and I don’t want to regret it.

Do you remember when we were a child, we didn’t afraid for dreaming. We dream as high as we can and no one can stop us. But when we grow older and older, out dream shrink and blended with the society trap. We follows what the most people do so we can be normal but then, we start hating ourself because our life is boring. This is why I and a help from my friends started Drawdreaming, a social project to inspire people for having, keeping and chasing their dream through the children’s dream. While I’m cycling around the world, I draw with the local children about their dream in every country I visit. We capture and post it on Drawdreaming’s FB page and share it to the world because no one can limit our imagination in drawing and children’s dream is the best way to remind us about our dream.

I’ve been cycling for 2 months and counting. More than 2,500 km and 30 cities has been through. More than 350 children drew their dream and one thing that amaze me is these children’s dream are inspiring each other. Every time I showed the dreams from the previous places, the children got inspired and later on, their drawing will inspire the children in the next city. This is a chain #drawdreaming inspiration.

I’m happy I can do this even without any sponsor, just with some people who believe the same thing with me. At the end, I don’t want just to cycle around the world and chase my dream because I knew some people are still in that society trap and I wish #drawdreaming could inspire people to chase their dream.

(Andrew Collien)