BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Transformation to Become a Leading Business School in the World

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS) is transforming by integrating 3 business school degrees from the Undergraduate to the Doctorate programs. The aim is to prepare students to be professionals who are able to compete on a global level and to answer various challenges in this disruptive innovation era. Today, BBS is AACSB accredited and this makes BBS aligned with some of the top business schools in the world.

The global business competition requires human capital readiness that has critical and creative thinking, the ability to communicate, teamwork, and competence in using technology to solve complex and comprehensive business problems. Realizing those needs, BINUS UNIVERSITY since 2017 has been transforming by integrating its business school from undergraduate, masters, and doctorate degrees into one umbrella named BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS).

“As part of BINUS UNIVERSITY, our school of business integration is not separated from our vision and mission to make BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL as a business school with an international reputation and our mission of continuous innovation in business and research education to produce professionals who are capable of using technologies in this disruptive innovation era to answer the latest global business challenges,” said Dezie L. Warganegara, Ph.D, Director of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL.

Dezie said the business school integration was made by creating harmony in curriculum and resource synergy from the undergraduate to the doctorate program. “Therefore, the same formation process occurs in knowledge areas in every degree at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, so it will make a strong collaboration in the Catur Dharma integrated implementation (Teaching, Research, Community Development, and Self Improvement) in each BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL lecturer’s knowledge areas.”

Today, Dezie explained, more than 50 percent of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL faculty members hold a doctorate degree, and have long experience in various industry backgrounds, and actively conduct research in management and entrepreneurship. In combination between academic knowledge and experiences that the BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL faculty members have, enabling innovation-and-entrepreneurship-based knowledge to transform and process both theoretically and practically. “We prepare students to become professionals who are able to compete at the global level and to answer various challenges in the disruption innovation era,” said Dezie.

To prepare students get ready to compete at the global level, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL cooperates with top business schools from Australia, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand, such as Macquarie University and University of New South Wales (Australia), Nottingham University (United Kingdom), Cologne Business School (Germany), Burgundy Business School (France), Solbridge University (South Korea), the business school of Victoria University of Wellington and Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand).

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL also cooperates with prominent companies in Indonesia, such as IBM, Hutchison, Alibaba, Modena, ASTRA International, Indofood, BCA, and Bank Mandiri, to offer opportunities for one-year internships or to set business cases that companies are dealing with as assignments to develop solutions in the classroom.

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL’s commitment to align with top business schools in the world is also shown in our seriousness to achieve accreditation from The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AACSB is a global non-profit association and a well-known international accreditation association which was established in 1916. “For us, the AACSB accreditation means confirmation of recognition of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, that we already have an education standard for business school that is aligned with the top business schools in the world,” said Dezie.

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL has gone through numerous changes on its way to be a better business school, particularly in the lecturer qualification side, research quality, and quality assurance process as a way to make sure of the sustainable improvements in the learning process. “Students and parents will be guaranteed that the quality of business education at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL has been aligned with the top business schools in the world. Meanwhile, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL’s graduate users are guaranteed that BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL graduates are professionals who can meet the industry challenges,” said Dezie.

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