The role of technology capability in supporting firm performance in the high-tech manufacturing industry

Improving Competitive Advantages of Higher Education Institutions through IT Governance, IT Excellence, and IT Innovation: A Case Study in School of Informatics Management & Computing in Indonesia

Obtaining Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Reputation Management: A Case of Private Universities in Indonesia

Behind the Rank: The Synthesis of a Causal Model of Variables Influencing Times Higher Education University Rankings

Uncovering Key Capabilities for Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Private Universities through Sentiment Analysis and In-Depth Interviews

An Empirical Study on the Effects of Financial Management Spirituality and Technology Adoption on Church Performance

The Effect of Digital Eco-Dynamic and RICH to Improve E-Business SMEs Innovation Performance

Does digital influencer endorsement contribute to building consumers’ attitude toward digital advertising during COVID-19 pandemic? mediating role of brand attitude

The Influence of Creative & Critical Thinking and Collaboration on Digital & Technology Fluency

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