About Us


The Doctor of Research in Management (DRM) is designed to be accomplished in 6 (six) semesters, which consists of 46 SKS including dissertation. Each student draws on the faculty’s diverse expertise and varied interests to develop high quality research uniquely suited to his or her interests. The Study Program encourages students to gain research experience by working closely with faculty on a variety of industry projects and on alignment of research roadmaps.


A world-class business school, fostering and empowering the society in serving and building the nation.


Providing world class business education to build the nation and to contribute to community development by means of:

  • Educating BINUSIANs to develop exemplary characters through holistic approach.

Educating BINUSIANs to be ethical & innovative graduates with multiple skills to deal with business challenges using holistic approach.

  • Resolving business and entrepreneurship issues with meaningful and relevant research.

Encouraging BINUSIAN to advance knowledge and practices with high quality research for resolving business and entrepreneurship issues.

  • Fostering BINUSIANs through self-enrichment.

Nourishing BINUSIANs SPIRIT for improving personal and professional capabilities.

  • Empowering BINUSIANs to continuously improve business community.

Invigorating BINUSIANs to solve the business community challenges through academic and community service activities.

Learning Goals

By the completion of our Study Program:

  1. Management Concept

Each student should be able to master the latest concepts in management and to develop new knowledge in related management functions in organization.

  1. Multidisciplinary Research

Each student should be able to master the research methodology to study the phenomenon in management through multidisciplinary perspectives.

  1. ICT Leverage

Each student should be able to utilize ICT to support high-quality research.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

The graduates of DRM could take up one or combination of the following roles:

  1. As industry consultant, actively conducting high profile consulting projects with leading companies and producing copyrighted frameworks and or white papers.
  2. As a business leaders, actively leading research based initiatives and actions in their respective company and becoming agents of change in the improvement and/or innovation of industry best practices.
  3. As a senior lecturer, will be a professional scholar who have comprehensive thinking with deeply in theory in research area.