Back in 2012, patient with kidney failure in Indonesia reach more than 150.000 people that needs dialysis treatment, but however, this treatment only to serve for 100.000 people, and few patients only that afforded to pay the treatments cost. While there were many issues related with insufficient financial capacity for patients with kidney failure, and there is one foundation that aimed to help solving this problem. Although it was not the only one exist, YGDI (Yayasan Ginjal Diatrans Indonesia) through Dr. Bimanesh and team, struggling to find the best solution in order to bring the aim to reality. The struggle is getting more complicated, when YGDI pushed to create money, to finance themselves to run their daily operational. They can use GAKIN or JAMSOSTEK (later known as BPJS) only for the purpose of patient’s treatment. This issue makes YGDI think hard, with limited resources, how can they survive as a foundation, and concurrently still deliver good service to their patients?